6 Week Express Detox

This is a Gut/Liver Detox that’s ideal for anyone with a “leaky gut syndrome”, or if you’re feeling sluggish/tired from the excesses of life and need a spring clean.

Our gut rarely gets the chance to be reconditioned and de-stressed. Consequentially the liver has to cope with the by-products of digestion which includes any products that have leaked across a compromised gut wall (leaky gut). It also has to do a number of other tasks such as

  • normalising blood sugar regulation
  • removing toxins – both endogenous or exogenous, etc.

It’s ideal to do once per year or twice if you feel the need for it.

The Diet

Needs to be simple and the aim is to de-stress your gut and liver.

  • GFDF
  • Sugar-free (No Fruit, Honey, Maple Syrup, Malt Syrup or any Sweet Syrups)
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Caffeine Free
Step 1: Bowel Cleanse (1 day)

Maximum benefits are gained from cleansing your bowel out at the beginning, similar to sweeping out the trash before you mop!

Remember to drink plenty of water.

Step 2: Bowel Detox (2 weeks)

A“weeding out” phase – getting rid of “bad” bacteria, fungae and worms, as well as doing a basic gut repair with either collagen or glutamine as a base.

Step 3: Bowel Repair (2 weeks)

This is to “reseed” the gut with healthy gut flora.

Step 5: Maintenance Programme
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Exercise program
  • Meditation
  • Modified diet
  • Six monthly check up.