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Your wellbeing is an all encompassing phrase that includes how we feel, are thoughts about our current situation, how well we are coping with the stresses and strains of life and more. When we have a positive mental wellbeing, it does not necessarily mean that you are always satisfied and joyous. It does, however, ensure that we look at our life in a positive way and try to look forward in a helpful manner.

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Need help with Wellbeing? let us help you from our beautiful clinic in Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW.

Dr. Maria Mackey, the founder of Mojo Klinik, welcomes you and invites you to discover her unique and novel approach to helping you with Wellbeing.

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What is Wellbeing?

Poor mental wellbeing can make life extremely tough. Luckily, there are steps that we can take to try and relax our minds and work towards feeling better overall. Some of these positive steps may be quite simple and include relaxing and reducing stress through taking a bath and trying to switch off or participating in something you enjoy.

Other ways that we can try to positively impact our wellbeing is through learning and being creative. Through learning new skills, we can often reset our minds, feel a sense of achievement and take a break from the problems in our lives. If you can learn a new skill as well as connecting with others, this may be doubly as impactful. When we connect with other people, we learn to share burden and lean on one and other. This may help us with our wellbeing.

Additionally, factors such as looking after your physical health and getting enough sleep can make a huge impact on your overall mental wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below answers to frequently asked questions we get from our clients regarding Wellbeing:

Does mindfulness help with your wellbeing?

Mindfulness may help you to be more aware of your feelings and thoughts. By using techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises and meditation, you may learn to manage your feelings in a more positive way.

Are phones and computers detrimental to my wellbeing?

There have been studies to show that too much time spend on computers, phones and other tech can be bad for your mental wellbeing and health. These devices can make you feel stressed and can overwhelm your mind, making you feel tired and unmotivated. It may be advisable to take a break from technology throughout the day to help you unwind and feel refreshed.

Can nature help with my wellbeing?

It may improve your mood and reduce stress and anger by spending time outdoors. There are mental health benefits to being outside or experiencing nature around you. You may buy flowers or plants to grow indoors to help you feel more at one with nature.

Can exercise improve my wellbeing?

Yes. Exercise may help you to feel healthier physically and mentally. The old phrase is โ€œfit body, fit mindโ€ and as simple as it sounds, this does have some truth to it. Along with drinking plenty of water and eating healthily, exercise may help you to feel better about yourself and able to deal with stress and anxiety in a more positive way.

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Dr. Maria and our team have helped many customers experiencing Wellbeing. Our novel approach to integrative and functional medicine have seen us achieve success where others have failed.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with Wellbeing.

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