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Nutrigenomics is also known as nutritional genomics and is the study of the relationship between diet, nutrients and gene expression. The study focuses on understanding how your genes react and respond to food and nutrients from food. In studying this, we look to understand how genes and you diet may work together and affect an individualโ€™s health.

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Need help with Nutrigenomics? let us help you from our beautiful clinic in Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW.

Dr. Maria Mackey, the founder of Mojo Klinik, welcomes you and invites you to discover her unique and novel approach to helping you with Nutrigenomics.

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What is Nutrigenomics?

The basis behind nutrigenomics is the idea that by understanding more about how your genes and diet work together, we may be able to prevent more diseases and conditions, such as cancer, from occurring.

There are many tools used to help us understand nutrigenomics better. These include:

  • Food diaries for the recording of nutrient input.
  • Biomarkers to understand our bodyโ€™s response to certain foods. These could be metabolite or hormone levels.
  • Clinical data used to monitor the impact of food on our overall health. This includes our age, sex, weight and BMI for example.
  • Genomic tests to determine certain gene variants

The approaches of nutrigenomics are used to attempt to understand a vast array of conditions. From the risk of developing metabolic syndrome to correlations between certain nutrients, their amounts and disease. An example of these could be coffee and cardiac problems.

In understanding these conditions more from a dietary and genetic point of view, we may be able to offer better preventative measure to individuals at high risk of certain conditions. For example supplements could be offered to people with poor metabolic functions.

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Nutrigenomics Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below answers to frequently asked questions we get from our clients regarding Nutrigenomics:

Does nutrigenomics conduct studies for mental health problems?

Yes. There are elements of nutrigenomics studies that discuss the links between nutrition and mental health. For example, the link between gut microbiota, obesity and mental health problems.

What is nutrigenomics in animals?

The study of nutrigenomics in animals attempts to understand how bioactive chemicals in food and supplements may affect the metabolic processes of an animal. It encompasses many fields of study involving nutrition, bioinformatics, genomics and much more.

What is a nutrigenomics test?

A nutrigenomics tests aims to identify an individualโ€™s genetic protein variations in order to find out if they have any sites of metabolic weakness.

Which vitamin helps with DNA repair?

Vitamin B12 may be an essential nutrient for DNA metabolism, along with folate. They are both needed for the maintenance of DNA.

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Dr. Maria and our team have helped many customers experiencing Nutrigenomics. Our novel approach to integrative and functional medicine have seen us achieve success where others have failed.

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